Experience Clearing Farm.

Clearing Farm is a private residency located in the Catskills region of New York, specifically a small hamlet known as Glen Spey or the Valley of Spas, only 90 minutes from New York City. The property serves as a multipurpose haven: an active vegetable and hops farm, a wood shop, a film location, and a weekend getaway — and most elementally a space to clear it all away so you can focus freely and openly on whatever it is that brought you here.

Rich with natural and architectural beauty, Clearing Farm appears as if out of a dream but is wholly of this world. Swim in waterfalls. Hike mountains. Sunbathe along pristine rivers. Pick fresh flowers. Or fresh fruit. Sleep beneath a city of stars. Sing with the birds. Find your clearing and let a world of possibilities open before your eyes. Discover here a new sense of clarity rooted in the soil of the earth and the imaginative power of the heavenly skies.

Work With Us

Photo/Film Location

Big brands take advantage of our set design skills and variety of natural locations and beautiful interiors.


We’re an organic farm specializing in hops, apples, and eggs.

Weekend Getaway

Looking for an escape? Find your upstate respite and rent at Clearing Farm on Aribnb.


Hire us to help realize your architectural and branding visions to life.

  • Upstate New York Waterfalls