How to Experience a New York Farmers’ Market

A woman buys fresh vegetables at the farmers market

A guide to eating local and supporting local artisans in upstate New York.

There are farmers markets all over Sullivan and Orange County because, well, there are farms everywhere. Eating local is one of the greatest pleasures of being in upstate New York, so we highly recommend you take advantage of the various farmers markets going on during the summer months in upstate New York. Typically the farmers market begin in May and run into October and are open rain or shine.

Root vegetables grown in New York

What can you expect from the farmers market? Live folk music. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Grass fed meats. Homemade pastries, jams, and condiments. Fresh juices. Organic soaps. And great prices! Farmers markets are also a great way to meet the community and engage with the people that make upstate such a special place for all of us.

Here are the two closest farmers markets to Clearing Farm for you to check out during your stay.

Barryville Farmers’ Market (Saturday)

The Barryville farmers’ market has picnic tables by the river where you can enjoy music and eat local food. Photo by @barryvillefarmersmarket.

Every Saturday 10am-1pm, during the summer, there is the beloved Barryville Farmers’ Market. This market has an old-world charm and is located right on the Deleware River so while you shop for fresh food, locally-made ceramics, dairy, and so forth, you can enjoy scenic views. They even have picnic tables setup so you can enjoy your food right there in the market by the Deleware River.

The goal of Barryville Farmers’ Market is “to nourish our community with locally grown and produced food, as well as education and entertainment for all ages.” It’s a great community organization that is worth supporting. Pro-tip: Arrive right at 10:00am to avoid the crowds and get all the best produce! Check out their website here for additional information.

Milford Farmers’ Market (Sunday)

The Milford Farmers Market takes place in the river town of Milford, Pennsylvania, only 25 minute drive from Clearing Farm. This market is great to stop at if you’re driving up from New York City on Sunday to spend the week upstate.

This market is always lively and filled with amazing vendors from all over the region. It’s a bit bigger in terms of the amount of vendors than the Barryville one. The market starts every Sunday 10am – 2pm.

Other Farmers’ Market

There are two other farmers’ markets that happen on Saturday and are close: The Port Jervis Farmers Market (Saturday, 10am – 2pm) and the Narrowsburg Farmers Market (Saturday, 10am – 1pm). These are also great options! In the peak summer months, you’ll also likely see various popup farm stands across the area that are always fun to stop in and check out.

Our Farm at Clearing Farm

Our farm is mainly focused on growing hops, the flowers that they brew beer with. However, we do have a some small vegetable gardens and fruit trees throughout the property that we cultivate for food. If you can’t make it to a farmers market ask for pricing and availability.