How to Make a Cozy Bedroom

To get away from the world there is no better place to go than your bedroom. A good night of sleep in a comfy bed is perhaps the best vacation you can go on in this hectic modern world of ours. Sleep, really relaxation in general, is the best medicine you can give yourself and it can heal so much of our bodies and minds. We deeply believe at Clearing Farm to sleep right is to live right so we give extra care to making cozy bedrooms for you. Below is our working notebook of some of the insights we’ve learned about designing bedrooms.


For bedsheets, we love french linen. In the summer months, french linen has a breathable quality to it and in colder winter months it somehow adopts to the cool air and makes for incredibly cozy bedding. We also love how casual french linen always looks, the natural wrinkles in it give a bedroom an organic look and feel. That said, some people dislike linen for this very reason; it will never look like a perfect hotel bed and always feels a bit lived in.

Most of the Clearing Farm homes use the 100% linen Merryfeel duvet cover and the Meryfeel fitted sheet. We have tested more expensive options from companies like Brooklinen and Bella Notte. However, ultimately, we find that the difference in quality isn’t worth it. If you are looking for a more expensive set, and not something not made in China, our favorite alternative has been the stonewashed linen collection from The Citizenry. We also like this linen set from Cultiver.

If Merryfeel is sold out, which it often is, the next budget pick is from Tuft and Needle. Buy this sheet and this duvet cover, which is a great deal for a great quality product if you can get it on sale.


The primary bed we use at Clearing Farm is the Casper bed by Casper, an all-foam memory mattress. In terms of comfort, we find it to be the best and most affordable mattresses out there. That said, we need to trace this statement with a disclaimer. We think a lot of the comfort factor comes simply from the fact that we think the Casper mattress is the best looking in terms of design and color. At our personal home, we use Tuft & Needle and Leesa and all things considered the average consumer won’t be able to tell the difference.

Moreover, if you’re on the market for your forever mattress, we would recommend buying a mattress from Duxiana, Saatva, or if you’re truly going rob your personal bank Hästens. A great deal of the reason we order from Casper is simple convenience. Shipping a mattress in a box overnight makes it very easy to sign off our checklist.


We love Bamboo memory foam pillows as our economical luxury pick. That said, our favorite pillow for sleeping is a medium-firm European goose down and feather pillow. One trick of pillow design that is often overlooked is the need to layer sleeping pillows.

Bedroom Inspiration

Below we have gathered bedroom inspiration from a variety of different hotels, homes, and inns from around the world to help inspire you visually to design your own bedroom into the coziest place on earth. Instead of using highly manicured and photos with perfect lighting like you might see on Pinterest, we use photos that show the spaces as they feel like to exist in them as we think it’s more helpful in designing your own bedroom.

Massive farmhouse bedroom in the middle of the room

Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom
In the master bedroom of the Floating Farmhouse by Tom Givone, the large kind bed is placed in the middle of the room. This makes the whole room feel centered around the bed.
Because the bed is in the center of the room it does not have side tables, and instead has one long bench placed behind it.

A Florida style bedroom with pop and class…

Cozy bathroom in Miami Florida
A cozy bedroom located in Miami, Florida at the Soho House Beach Club. We love how the bed has so many pillows and has a calming color palette juxtaposed with fun from the pillows. Notice as well how the throw blanket color meshes into the lounge chair and paint color.

Minimal bed with two separate duvets…

The bed at Equinox Hotel at Hudson Yards features two different duvets so two people can sleep without fighting for sheets. The design of the bedroom is modern and minimalist and we’re big fans of the headboard by Rockwell Group that wraps around the bed and cocoons you in it.
The Equinox Hotel bed is made by Coco Mat and all natural fibers.

A book nook in the wall above your bed…

We love this bedroom idea by the Joshua Tree House in Arizona where they built a book nook right above the bed. How cozy to just have your favorite books hanging above your head while you sleep?
A closer look at the book nook.