How To Make A Cozy Bedroom

To get away from the world there is no better place to go than the bedroom and then into the respite of the dream world in your head. A good night’s sleep can heal so much from physical to emotional wounds, and it’s why at Clearing Farm we take designing a peaceful sleep experience so seriously.


For bedsheets, we love french linen. In the summer months, french linen has a breathable quality to it and in colder winter months it somehow adopts to the cool air and makes for incredibly cozy bedding. We also love how casual french linen always looks, the natural wrinkles in it give a bedroom an organic look and feel. (Though some people dislike linen for this very reason; it will never look like a perfect hotel bed.)

Most of the Clearing Farm homes use the 100% linen Merryfeel duvet cover and the Meryfeel fitted sheet. We have tested more expensive options from companies like Brooklinen and Bella Notte. However, ultimately, we find that the difference in quality isn’t worth it. If you are looking for a more expensive set, and not something not made in China, our favorite alternative has been the stonewashed linen collection from The Citizenry, which we use sometimes at Clearing Farm for special events.


The primary bed we use at Clearing Farm is the Casper bed by Casper, an all-foam memory mattress. In terms of comfort, we find it to be the best and most affordable mattresses out there. That said, we need to trace this statement with a disclaimer. We think a lot of the comfort factor comes simply from the fact that we think the Casper mattress is the best looking in terms of design and color. At our personal home, we use Tuft & Needle and Leesa and all things considered the average consumer won’t be able to tell the difference.


We love Bamboo memory foam pillows.