Thermal Bath

An unforgettable experience, enjoy a thermal bath, a sound bath, and forest bathing all at once.

Clearing Farm’s Thermal Bath is our most popular amenity. Nestled in the forest and next to a waterfall, it is an outdoor spa experience like no other.

A gravity-fed line fills a vast tub with filtered water sourced from the waterfall. An underwater stove heats the water up to about 105 °F or 40 °C, the perfect bathing temperature.

The Thermal Bath area is part social hangout, part wellness center. Enjoy it alone. Enjoy it with your partner. Enjoy it with a group of friends. No matter how you enjoy it though, leave feeling lighter, rejuvenated and more grounded.

Book the Thermal Bath

The Thermal Bath is only for guests of Clearing Farm. If you’re staying with us, contact Jenna to book it.

The rental fee is $195. This reserves the bath area exclusively for you from noon to midnight. Venmo is our preferred method of payment.

How It Works

Michael, our head of guest operations, will start preparing the thermal bath for you around 9am. In the summer, it reaches the ideal temperature between 12:00pm – 1:00pm. During colder months, the water reaches the ideal warmth around 3pm.

You can visit the bath at any time the day of your booking. You might see Michael working on it. Say hello and he can work with you directly to ensure everything is perfect you at your desired time.

Quick Notes

  • Book in advance! Weekends book up especially fast.
  • Your reservation isn’t confirmed until we receive payment.
  • Tub fits four people comfortably; six people max and holds 500 gallons of water.
  • Tub is cleaned after each use and flushed, so your water is always perfectly pure.
  • Nearby waterfall and swimming holes can be used for a cold plunge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost $195? The Thermal Bath requires $40 – $75 worth of firewood and requires several hours of manual labor. We drain and clean the tub after each use. It also takes us five hours or so to fill it up and warm the water. Organizing bookings is also taxing on our small team.

I won’t be ready to use it at noon. No problem! But, let us know your estimated arrival time. We must add more firewood every other hour to ensure the water is warm when you get there.

How far in advance do I need to book? We recommend booking your Thermal Bath experience as far in advance as possible. Given the labor and material involved, we need at least 72 hours notice. Last minute bookings made 24-36 hours in advance might require an expedition fee of $50.

Will I have complete privacy? See the above. If you have a vague arrival time, we will stop by the bath to maintain the fire. There is a yellow rope around the entrance. Leave the yellow rope up to signal you don’t want to be disturbed.

Where is the the Thermal Bath located? It is at the middle point of the waterfall system that runs through Clearing Farm. You will receive detailed directions with your booking confirmation.

How long do people spend there? Some guests spend only 30 minutes or so. Others make a whole night out of it. Some use it briefly many times during their booked time window.

What if the water gets too hot? Turn the faucet on and cold water will come out.

What is the cancelation policy? All thermal bath bookings are non-refundable. However, if our staff thinks the conditions are unsafe the day of your booking, you will get a full refund. Please note our staff makes this decision, not you. Refunds are never issued for rain unless the grounds flood.