Fun Things to Do in Fall/Autumn in Upstate New York

Picking pumpkins in New York State

A quick overview of what to do during the most magical season of the year.

Find your perfect fall activity.

The poet, William Cullen Bryant, called autumn the “year’s last, loveliest smile” and indeed the experience of fall in upstate New York is an enchanting moment in time. Here is how you can make the most of this quickly fleeting but so amazingly beautiful season.

Go Apple Picking/Pumpkin Picking

Ochs Orchard is the spot to visit for all the best fall activities. Ochs Orchard is located on the top of a beautiful mountain and has a variety of fun things for the whole family to do. You can pick apples from a scenic overlook, or pumpkins, and depending on the time you go other vegetables/fruits. They also have small petting zoo and their own little grocery store. It’s cash only and some of the walking can be a bit hilly so be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Attend a Harvest Festival

A harvest festival is a beautiful party dedicated to celebrating the agricultural abundance the summer produced. At Bethel Woods, the orignal venue where Woodstock 1969 took place, they hold a harvest festival every Sunday in September from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There are corn mazes, horse and buggy rides, live music, food trucks and a variety of other family fun activities. Learn more about the Bethel Woods harvest festival here.

Visit a Haunted Mansion

Burn Brae Mansion is one of the most haunted places in New York state. It’s a sprawling mansion dating back to 1907, and has been featured on many TV shows for all the paranormal things that keep seem to be happening there. During the autumn season, they host their annual Halloween Festival and Dark Forest Fright Walk. The festivity includes fun activities from fire pits to tarot readings, and the dark forest walk brings a creepy haunted house to the outdoors in a spooky hike.

Walk in Nature or through Small Towns

Arguably there is no better time to take a hike in nature than during the autumn season when the air is crisp, the temperature is moderate and the fall foliage is shining in all its calendula glory. Visit our hiking guide for some of the best spots. Alternatively, fall is also a great time to just walk around many of the quaint small towns in the area: Port Jervis, Narrowsburg, Callicoon, and Livingston Manor, Warwick and Milford all have amazing main streets that are great for walking during Autumn.