Eco Cabin

The Eco Cabin was built with only recycled materials and lumber taken directly from trees from our backyard. It’s also off-grid and powered only by solar. Hence the name Eco Cabin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the eco cabin have cell phone service? Nope. Plan to disconnect while here. Sometimes guests with AT&T will get a small slither of service, but don’t count on it. For cell signal, head to the Glen Spey post office.

Does the eco cabin have electricity? The eco cabin is 100% powered by solar. Weather permitting, you’ll have enough electricity for the lights and vinyl record player. There is no place to charge your cell phone here. Disconnect!

What kitchen essentials do you have? The kitchen setup is no-frills. Here is what you’ll find.

What do you recommend packing for my trip? The eco cabin is well-stocked so you don’t need to bring that much from home, but we highly recommend the following:

  • A cooler filled with ice for your food
  • A flashlight for each camper
  • Rain gear (if rain is in the forecast)
  • Towels if you plan on swimming or using the thermal bath

How do I cook food? The eco cabin has a propane gas camping stove with 2-burners. The video below explains how to use it. You can also cook over the fire pit.

Is there a bathroom? Yep. But it’s like you’re back in the 1800s because it’s an outhouse about 20 yards from the cabin. It has toilet paper and sawdust for composting. There is no shower. Good luck!

How do I get firewood? We sell firewood for $12 a bag. Each bag will sustain a fire for about 2-4 hours. You can also buy firewood at Pete’s County Store (5 minute drive) or Peck’s Market (12 minute drive). You’re welcome to bring your own as well; just be sure to follow all New York firewood transportation regulations. You can read about how we make firewood at Clearing Farm here.

Will I see the Clearing Farm team? If we have time, we stop by the cabin to ensure you have everything you need and orient you to the land. If you don’t want to be disturbed, let Jenna know before your trip. The cabin has two acre radius reserved for you. Once you venture out on the trails, you might see us or other guests.

How do I get to the thermal bath? The thermal bath is 8 minute walk from the eco cabin.

  • Walk to the open field area where you parked your car.
  • Walk directly to the trail in the center of the field with the “no cars” sign.
  • Walk the trail for about five minutes until you arrive at the waterfall. It will be on your left. If you get to the bridge, you’ve gone too far.

Here is a video showing you the exact trail to take. Please note the thermal bath is a separate experience that must be reserved in advance for your stay.

Can I bring my dog? Yes! The Eco Cabin is super pet-friendly. We recommend keeping your dog leashed at all times and especially on the hiking trails. There is a lot of wildlife all around the cabin and possibly other dogs on the hiking trails as well.

Can I pitch a tent? Of course! The whole area around the eco cabin is elevated on high ground. So you can pitch a tent anywhere your heart desires.

Should I be worried about bears and ticks? Be cautious but not anxious. Statistically ticks are more of a problem than bears. Bear sightings are rare and made even more rare if you follow these bear prevention guidelines. New York state also has useful advice regarding ticks on their website.

Do you provide drinking water? Yes. We provide a gallon jug of potable water for every guest.

Trip Extras

Want to make your trip even more enjoyable? We offer a range of extra services, goods, and rentals to enhance your stay.

Dozen Eggs$9
Vegetable Basket $27
Firewood Bag $12
Firestarter Kit$11
Oversized Sparklers$10
Rental: Yeti Tundra 45 hard cooler filled with ice$75
Thermal Bath$195

Eco Cabin Rules

We want our guests to have a magical stay at Clearing Farm. To do this we all need to follow some basic rules. These rules aren’t made to be restrictive. They’re designed to enable everyone to have an enjoyable and safe stay.

  • Make sure you provide an ACCURATE GUEST COUNT.
  • PLAN AHEAD! You’re staying in the wilderness with no WiFi or cell service.
  • TRY TO ARRIVE BEFORE THE SUN SETS. Getting to your rental in the dark is tricky. Try to arrive while the sun is still out and we’re still awake to help you if you get stuck or lost. If you must arrive late, please let us know your arrival time by text.
  • RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY. Trespassing is a crime and people don’t take kindly to it up here.
  • NO FIREWORKS. NO GUNS. The town and state require permits for ALL FIREWORKS. Guns aren’t permitted.
  • You’re welcome to gather sticks, figs, and any fallen wood, but DO NOT CUT DOWN TREES.
  • Practice SOCIAL DISTANCING. Our team would love to welcome you with a hug, but given the times we will all be keeping our distance.
  • RESPECT NATURE. Don’t feed wildlife. Don’t litter. Properly store your food.
  • Keep YOUR PETS SAFE. We highly recommended keeping your pets leashed. The property is filled with cliffs and wildlife that could put your furry friend in danger.
  • Follow the golden rule of the great outdoors: “LEAVE THE GROUND BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT.”
  • And of course — HAVE AN AWESOME AND MEMORABLE STAY. Enjoy our little slice of paradise.


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For custom recommendations, email or message us on platform with your interests. We’ll happily tailor a custom itinerary for you.