The Land

All land has a narrative and the story told in the countryside of Clearing Farm is one of pure pastoral tranquility. For millions of years the acreage where our farm sits was left unoccupied by humans, a home only to the wild animals and flora of America’s northeast. Only in the last hundred years or so has this land been occupied for the lumber trade, tannery, farming and recreation.

The peaceful history of this place fills our meadows, forests, mountains, waterfalls and fields with an aura of magic. Here is an oasis from the modern world, here is space where the overwhelming beauty of nature reigns supreme and you can connect again to this earth, yourself, and your friends and family.


Upstate New York Waterfalls

Several waterfalls cascade through the heart of the Clearing Farm property.

Escape New York City

The waterfalls fill the grounds with beautiful spots for swimming and taking photos.

Upstate waterfalls at Clearing Farm


Hawk's Nest in Orange County

Clearing Farm is nestled between two pristine rivers.

Mongaup River Trail

The rivers are perfect for hiking and fly fishing.

New York river plunge

Or taking a quick dip on a hot summer day.


Our magical forests span over 50 acres and are filled with bubbling brooks and scenic overlooks.

New York Forest

Bathe in the forest and rejuvenate your spirit in unspoiled natural beauty.

The Meadows

Catskills Meadows

Starry Nights

Starry Nights In Catskills, Upstate NY